Mrs. Joanne Mercier our Faith Formation Director has accepted a new position at the Catholic
Collaborative of Taunton North. Her application was accepted and she begins her new position
shortly . We express our gratitude to her for her time among us especially in leading us through
the Pandemic Faith Formation year.

Her expertise was incalculable in setting up our live streamed masses. (We still need help in the
production process so if you are interested please call the office. This Mass was a comfort, and
still is for those who are unable to attend Mass in person).
We express our gratitude and pray for her, and wish her much success, good health and happiness in
her new position.

Linda DelVal who covered the office on Thursday has found new employment as well. Her position will
be filled by Coleen Lenihan who already works part time in the office.
Faith Formation
Faith Formation is of great importance in the life of our collaborative so we have endeavored to
act quickly as the new year approaches. We are very grateful to those who are willing to assist us
in the program this year as coordinators. We still need some to volunteer to teach. Please call the
office if you can assist.

The following are those who will assist us in our Faith Formation Program:

Cheri Jupin-Castro — Coordinator for grades 1-4 and responsibility for First Penance and First

Amy Garman Rodgers — Director for Faith Formation including scheduling and
registration, book ordering, etc. and also
Coordinator for grades 5-7 and as well as Media Director for our live streamed Masses.

Walter Pires  —  Coordinator for our Confirmation Program and
responsible for the Confirmation retreat and ceremony.