A sincere word of gratitude to many of you who support your parish faithfully each week. Soon, you will receive a summary of the donations received in the calendar year 2020.Please remember all monies donated are given to each parish designated by the envelope. All loose cash donations, that are put in the collection bins not designated for any specific parish, are evenly distributed among all three parishes since all three parishes are using St. Mary’s Church.A financial summary was sent to the Core Committee this week. When a member was asked what he thought, he said, “it doesn’t look good.”Donations have plummeted since the Pandemic and the lack of funds is hurting each of our parishes. Please recall that each parish has expenses and cannot continue without the support of their parishioners. If you have not, but are able to assist your parish, please be as generous as you can. As you are aware bills need to be paid, even during a Pandemic. Again thanks to all those who assist with their donations, and a word of encouragement to others to please help.Be assured of our prayers for God’s blessings on each of youStay safe, stay well.Fr. John A. RaposoMsgr. John J. Oliveira